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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I'm afraid I can't quite see where the fun is in blogging! To begin with, other people have to be interested in what you're doing or what your opinions are. However, as a clergyman, most of the interesting bits of what I do are not for public consumption. Nor are many of my opinions! I can't tell you that, in my opinion, the lady in the third row looks as if she's had cosmetic surgery. I can't really tell you my political opinions or make light of things that others may take very seriously.
I could write about family life in the rectory, but that's quite private too. I could tell you that Ruby the daschund has an hormonal imbalance that causes unusual bowel behaviour, hair loss and depression, but that's probably not very interesting. you may enjoy the soap opera relationships of the cats - that Dyna is the demon, that Abercrombie and Fitch are the newcomers who have upset the tranquility of the pride and that Furbie is a complete pain with his constant bossiness - but that makes us sound like oddballs!
However, the family is now about to be scattered further round the globe. Elizabeth is in Liverpool studying for a nursing degree and Jonathan heads for South Africa tomorrow to complete his 3rd year of teacher training. The learning outcome for tonight (how to travel with a 20K luggage allowance) may or may not have been achieved.
Thus, blogging will help us and any other readers who have little else to do, stay in touch with other. Watch my space and be amazed!! Not.


  1. Sometimes blogging is fun, sometimes it's not. I started mine a few years ago when my husband retired and we moved 1000km away from friends and family. I posted a lot of stories and pictures so that the people we left behind could see where we were and what we were doing. Lately, though, I've either lost interest in keeping it up or I'm just too busy. Maybe a little of both. Some people write their innermost thoughts, and sometimes I do too, but I am always mindful of who might be reading. So, I'm careful what I say. Today, how I found you was, I was "surfing" the net for information on Mullavilly. My passion for the past year has been genealogy and my family tree has led me to Northern Ireland (I live in Canada). Some of my more elusive relatives are in/from Co Armagh. Yesterday I was extremely saddened to learn of the death of a distant cousin in Tandaragee who died only days ago. He was a musician and only 34 years old. Too young to have a heart attack. I had only just discovered this man and his brother in recent months and have had a bit of contact with them. It was exciting to find family. Having not heard anything lately, I felt the urge to make contact again, so was looking around on the web when I saw a post on a musicians' website, announcing this young man's death, and that he would be buried in Mullavilly on Friday. Even though I've never met him I feel a connection and am very touched by his death. Maybe you will even be at his service. His name is Jason Barriskill.

    PS....keep blogging. You never know who might find you.

  2. ..a snake...in Ireland???? You should continue to blog...because its poor souls like myself that try to make sense of the world...and who are half way around the world...that one day stumble upon your humble late night ramblings. Hi..my name is Margy Duke...married to a Canadian who emmingrated to Australia...whose great great great grandfather and great great great granmother were married in your church all those many years ago! So here I am...trying to understand the the place they called home and not really having a clue...for it is all beyond my poor mortal mind. Keep blogging...I want to know!

  3. I keep checking in .... but there's never anything added .... wish you would ... at least from time to time! Even if it is only the soap opera cats....!!

  4. Hi "joblom", I'd be curious if you'd like to share family tree info. Chris Duke.